Aloha MicroMarkets are adaptable

Adaptable 1

Securely dispense critical medicine or meals.

Meals can be provided to students, pantry clients, the unsheltered, employees

Adaptable 2
Off-peak and large capacity deliveries can be easily facilitated for municipal, commercial and non-commercial uses.
Adaptable 3
Aloha MicroMarkets refrigerated lockers and/or vending machines can be used in densely populated spaces to provide secure delivery and automated retailing featuring healthful selections and multitude of payment and collection options
right temperatures

independent temperatures

Keep everything at the right temperature

The temperature of each refrigerated locker can be individually adjusted from +35°F and +68°F, regardless of the external ambient temperature. These refrigerated lockers have been designed to operate seamlessly in hot and humid climates (up to +95°F / 70%). Temperatures are controlled even in cold climates (down to -14°F) thanks to an internal warming system.

Forced Air Circulation

Network of refrigerated lockers

Individual air loops inside each locker mitigates contamination risks between lockers. This essential feature is crucial if you are running a multivendor business, in which it could be difficult to guarantee the condition of goods shipped by your vendors.

Accelerated circulation of refrigerated air decreases the humidity level and eliminates moisture and ice from food and fridge walls. Low humidity and moisture result in decreased bacteria growth and easier cleaning. Our zero frost and anti-freeze system eliminates the need for manual defrosting.

network refrigirated lockers


Durable construction

  • Stainless steel internal locker cell
  • Glass and aluminum doors
  • Self-closing and self-locking doors.

independent air flow

No contamination risk between lockers

  • Peltier cell technology
  • No mechanical parts in movement
  • No risk of fire
  • Zero maintenance
  • Long life cycle
  • No gas, no compressor
  • Leak proof
  • Can be used for heating up to +63°C/145°F
no contamination

unlocking options

Unlock lockers using your preferred technology

unlock options
reliable cooling

Cooling Technology

The most reliable cooling technology

  • Using Peltier cells technology, with 100.000 hours MTBF (medium time between failures)
  • No mechanical parts in movement
  • No risk of fire
  • Zero maintenance
  • Long life cycle
  • No gas, no compressor
  • Invulnerability to leaks
  • No cooling unit on top
  • Can be used for heating (up to +63°C/145°F)